The Stow Show

Launched yesterday at The Mix in Stowmarket,’ The Stow SHOW’ is a five track EP recorded live at The John Peel Centre in Stowmarket by students at Stowmarket High School then mixed and produced at Vorpal Studio, part of The Mix, the charity supporting young people in the area.

Driven by the enthusiasm of Glen Parker of Stowmarket High School, himself a regular on Suffolk’s music scene, the project was conceived to help young musicians see what it is like to perform, record, package and produce a CD of their music.  In addition, having to perform live on stage builds confidence like few other experiences.

On hand at the launch was Sam Robson of IEM who brings the music industry into schools across the region, explaining what it takes to work in the business.  Also present were members of rock band Renegade Twelve who find themselves playing bigger and bigger stages this festival season and headlining many of them.

Singer Songwriter, Connor Ryan Adams, who played on the Grapevine stage at Ipswich Music Day was there to performing completely unplugged without the luxury of his backing loop pedal.

The EP opens with Thunderstruck from Renegade Twelve by way of introduction and is followed by George Howarth’s ‘Ultra Sound’ then Joe Grey’s rapping ‘The IP14 Broadcast’.  ‘Now’ by Zero Gravity is a slow ballad, which I wasn’t expecting (!), then the album finished with the all too short ‘Sleep Walking’ by Close to the Shore.

The purpose of the EP is to showcase the musical talent of those involved – the music industry is not a kind or easy one to work in but without initiatives such as this it would be much more difficult for young people to get their music heard.   Hats off to Stowmarket High School, The John Peel Centre and The Mix for making this happen.