The Kaiser Chiefs at Newmarket

For the third Newmarket Nights event of 2016, The Kaiser Chiefs were back at The July Course on Friday for a sell-out show following the success of their 2015 concert at the Suffolk venue.

The Instagram post that set our photographer an unusual challenge!

An Instagram post before the show by guitarist Andrew White showing Ricky Wilson with a Pokémon in the palm of his hand led to an unexpected challenge for our photographer in the press pit.  She was approached by a member of the public whilst waiting for the band to take to the stage and asked if she would mind taking the lady’s phone closer towards the stage to find a Pokémon!  All in a day’s work for the GrapevineLIVE team but sadly we must report that no Pokémon was found.

As the last race finished and Roberto, the 2-to-1 favourite crossed the line to win The Maritime Services Handicap, the crowd in front to the stage began to grow, and grow and grow.  The spot light operator made his climb up to his eerie in the gantry, the dry ice began to blow around in the evening breeze, the lights went up and Ricky got the crowd going as the band started with ‘We Can Stay Together’.

Then came the deal with the audience: “We are here to entertain you and if we don’t we don’t get paid!” quipped Mr Wilson, and we were into ‘Every day I Love You Less and Less’.  Make no mistake this is an awesome band with one of the most energetic front-men you are likely to see – the man never stops, standing on the drum kit, hanging off both ends of the stage, standing on an upturned monitor and twirling his microphone stand like some giant’s baton.

There were many happy fans in the audience, but none more so I suspect than the young girl in the front who is now the owner of a Kaiser Chiefs’ tambourine thrown to her from the stage by Ricky.

From our vantage point in the press area, looking down from the stage, it was wall to wall Kaiser Chiefs fans.  iPhone LEDs shimmering, balloons filled with glow sticks bouncing over heads, hands waving – the sell-out crowd were loving it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better ‘Angry Mob’ whipped up the crowd, followed by ‘Riot’ –  with Ricky climbing the gantry sides (unlike his lighting engineer) without a safety harness!

What followed next took me a little by surprise – this was my first time to see the band live, but their version of ‘Pinball Wizard’ was spot on!

As ever the staff at Newmarket could not have been more friendly or helpful and we look forward to covering the rest of the 2016 Newmarket Nights series of concerts.

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