The Baghdaddies

Described as “the best party music around”, The Baghdaddies are playing at Ipswich Manor Ballroom on April 20th.

With their exhilarating cocktail of Balkan, Ska, Caribbean and Latin grooves shot through with Geordie humour, sizzling brass and jangling guitars played with furious energy and theatrical humour, dancing is the only option!

The Baghdaddies’ exuberant and rampant brand of world music is an exhilarating cocktail of Balkan melodies, ska and latin grooves and sizzling brass played with furious energy and theatrical humour, making them as unforgettable on stage as they are when performing as wandering brass troubadours. They take themselves incredibly seriously so you don’t have to.

“If Jerry Dammers and Terry Hall had grown up listening to world music, The Specials might have sounded very like the Baghdaddies.”

— Uncut Magazine

Tickets are £14 in advance from
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