Tell us about your LIVEgigs!

In the almost thirty years that Grapevine Magazine has been promoting live music across the region we have seen the industry change.  Never more so than over the last few months as venues and artists struggle for their very survival.

The recent easing of restrictions has led to a slow recovery of the live music scene.  It is very slow, and it is a recovery that is going to take a long time.  Rural pubs with spacious gardens have a head start over crowded town centre establishments.  Even they, however, are finding out that the general public are not quite ready to go out again. 

What we are seeing are gigs popping up at the last minute, or at least quicker that we are used to dealing with for print deadlines! 

Here at Grapevine Magazine we want to help musicians and venues by helping to spread the word.  Our small team could never cope with adding all of the 1000+ events which used to take place across the region every month, but we can cope with the current level of LIVEgigs – so, for a limited time, you can email your LIVEgigs to us and we’ll add them to our online listing service for you.  Our self-service facility is still there, you can add your own gigs online but for now we would like to help in our own little way. 

Email you LIVEgig details to – giving us a reasonable amount of notice – 72 hours minimum if possible.  All we need to know is Performer’s name, Date, Time, Venue and Town and we’ll do the rest. 

And, if you are new to Grapevine, just to be clear, we promote LIVE entertainment: Music, Theatre, Comedy & Dance. We do not list charity or community sales, country fairs, craft workshops, discos, DJ sets, exhibitions, film, karaoke, quiz nights, walks, tours or sporting events.