Sponsor a Brick

The Mercury Theatre Colchester is offering supporters the chance to sponsor a brick and become part of the Theatre’s history, with proceeds going towards their vital redevelopment project.

Mercury Rising was launched in 2016 to raise funds for the £8.7million project to redevelop the Mercury Theatre for the year 2020.

The theatre gratefully received £7 million in pledges from Arts Council England, Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council, and have been fundraising for the further £1.7 million needed to complete the work. Visitors may have seen the Mercury Rising Raffle, Tubular Bells fundraising concert, and Christmas Grotto – both in aid of the campaign – and The Mercury are extremely grateful to their customers who have donated when buying tickets or participated in these events.

Pending a successful campaign, the developments will start in 2018 and will ensure that the theatre is safeguarded for future generations. Plans include making sure the theatre is fully accessible for all, a new café where local residents can work and meet friends, and a revamp of backstage and production facilities to ensure the Mercury remains equipped to create great theatre.

This new initiative enables members of the public to sponsor a brick, with packages ranging from £25-£100. Bronze (£25) brick buyers will receive a certificate of thanks, whilst Silver (£50) buyers will also see their name in the foyer when the new building opens. Supporters of a Gold brick (£100) will be invited to a special event in 2018 to sign their brick before it is sealed deep within the walls of the theatre. It is a unique chance for supporters to become part of the very fabric of the building.

Steve Mannix, Executive Director said:

“This is a great opportunity for members of the public that love the theatre o to play a tangible role in our future life. We want the Mercury to be a hub for the arts and the community for many years to come, and these planned renovations are absolutely vital to ensuring that this is possible. The redevelopment will use over 100,000 bricks so this scheme is particularly apt, and every brick sponsored brings us that bit closer to safeguarding the future of the theatre for the community.”

If you would like to get involved and sponsor a brick today – for yourself or as a gift – please go to the Mercury Theatre website: www.mercurytheatre.co.uk/support/sponsor-brick-new-building, visit us in person, or call the friendly Ticket Sales team on 01206 573 948.