Our Blue Heaven

For Ipswich Town fans – indeed for Suffolk as a whole, the 6th May 1978 was a very special day.  For me personally it was very special too.  That was the day on which I took a young woman out to dinner for the first time.  Not too long afterwards we got married and she is still with me today.   Back then we were living in a different country and knew little, if anything, of Suffolk.  But not unlike ITFC legends John Wark and Mick Mills we’ve had the good sense to move to the county we all now call home.

My personal story aside, the 1978 Ipswich squad succeeded in putting Ipswich and Suffolk firmly on the map that day.  What better way to commemorate the 40th anniversary next year that with a musical?  That is the plan being put together by the club’s supporter’s group and The New Wolsey theatre.  Called ‘Our Blue Heaven’ the show will hit the stage in May next year just as the football season comes to an end.  It will feature stories of people’s connection with the final – and believe me from what I have heard there are some amazing stories, as well as the music from the era.

And that is where the connection lies for me – not necessarily a football fan but someone who has a connection with that point in time.  But even if you weren’t born when the Town’s blue and white army were riding high, how many of you have grown up with Dad’s or Grandad’s reminiscences of that day?  Here is the ideal opportunity to get a feel for just how big a deal this was if you lived in Suffolk.

I was privileged to be at the New Wolsey yesterday for a chat and coffee with those concerned.  Listening to John and Mick talking about their own individual stories as players and the enthusiasm of the production team for the story it is doubtless that ‘Our Blue Heaven’ will be a hit with town fans in Suffolk and beyond.

Tickets are not yet on sale but you can become part of the production today by supporting the fundraising project designed to make the show happen.   You will need to be quick, follow this link to Indiegogo and get involved.