Newmarket Racecourse

4th August 2017

Lest there be any confusion, James is not a person.  James is a band – and a pretty fine one at that.

“Isn’t this a crazy place for a gig?  It shouldn’t work but I’m sure it will”  So said lead singer Tim Booth by way of introduction as the Manchester band took to the stage at Newmarket.  And work it did.

In the eighties James bucked the popular trend of the dark & gloomy mood to pen more upbeat numbers.   My own opinion of the 80s indie music scene was given a welcome repeal by James’ performance on Friday night.

The band appeared relaxed on stage and played as you would expect a group who have been together so long to play – musically tight and confident.  Even when treating fans to a new number Booth was happy to hold his lyrics in hand.  Despite his warning that it could all go horribly wrong, it didn’t.

The remaining three Newmarket nights of the 2017 season are:

  • 11th August – Chase and Status
  • 18th August – Olly Murs (Sold Out)
  • 26th August – Jess Glynne

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