Hollowstar Shake Off Lockdown Blues

The members of one of my favourite live bands, Hollowstar, have been locked up just like the rest of us for weeks on end and you know what happens when you do that to musicians?

Well in this case apparently “Creativity in Spades”!

Following on from the success of their self-titled debut album, this Cambridgeshire based rock quartet have put their imposed idle time to use creating a lyric video for their fan-favourite single, Sinner.

Masterfully animated by Simon Webb, the video takes an intentionally minimalist approach, supplementing the music behind it with subtle references and lyrical interpretation. The video is released alongside a limited-edition ‘Sinner’ t-shirt featuring original artwork inspired by legends of the River Styx.

The video and accompanying limited-edition t-shirt landed on Friday 12th June, with the latter available via the band’s Official Online Store. Stock is severely limited, so…..

Click here to check out the band’s online shop for that limited edition T plus lots of other merch items.