Gaffa Tape Sandy | Family Mammal

In truth I got a bit fed up reading Gaffa Tape Sandy’s excellent reviews – then I saw them play live and, you know what, it was all true!

They are good, no doubt about it. Family Mammal calls itself an EP but with eight tracks it falls into is it/ is it not an album territory – the intro to Beehive sums it up perfectly: Banging Tunes!

Its pop, its punk, its indie – above all its fresh. Headlights is my current favourite lyrics wise whilst So Dry gets my vote for tune of the album… or is it Kill The Chord?

Catch the band live in Bury St Edmunds (7 Dec), Cambridge (12 Dec), Colchester (14 Dec) or Norwich (15 Dec) – just go to GrapevineLIVE/ performers to see where your favourite band are playing.