Coffee Cup in Soho

Coffee Cup in Soho is the new album from Charlie Law.  Fans of Charlie’s music will know that he is currently living ‘down south’ in Australia having suddenly disappeared from the UK music scene – therein lies a tale for which you had better read our more recent interview with Mr Charlie Law here….

But what is most exciting is that, using the power of the companies in the Mansion House Group, Musical Marketing through it’s premier title Grapevine Magazine has become the UK distributor for Charlies’s latest album.

“It has been something we have toyed with for some time, helping musicians distribute their music.  Knowing that Charlie’s fan base in the UK will want to get their hands on his CD quickly and knowing what it must be like to have to post them from Australia we jumped at the opportunity following a conversation with Charlie.  We are both on a learning curve with this but if it works for both parties, who knows you could see a whole shop full of local music available from GrapevineLIVE!”  Sue Stone, director Musical Marketing

You can order the CD direct from Charlie using the link below, Charlie then sends us a list of who to send it to and that’s about as complicated as it gets.

The CD costs £10 and is as simple to order as clicking on this link:

Order direct from Charlie in Melbourne here. 

Then sit back and relax and wait for the CD to arrive through your letterbox for Grapevine Magazine in Ipswich, Suffolk!