Busted at Newmarket

Busted are back!  The band that shot to fame in 2000, broke up in 2005, morphed with McFly into McBusted in 2014 and then, at the end of last year announced a comeback as Busted, arrived on stage at Newmarket last night as if they had never been away.

A palpable air of excitement buzzed around the racecourse before the band took to the stage.  Their audience is young, but they are no longer teenyboppers, they have all grown up into young adults.  Their parents, who doubtless were buying “Busted” and “A Present for Everyone” as birthday presents back in the early noughties, were there too.

That for me was the most surprising thing about the night, the range of ages in the audience.  In truth this is partly because of Newmarket’s unique blend of music and horse racing audience.  I kid you not but there were a group of blazered men with their fascinator topped ladies sharing around a pink inflatable guitar singing along to every song, word perfect!

As with all band evolution, the line up has change over the years.  Original members James Bourne and Matt Willis were joined front of stage by the returning Charlie Simpson who looked completely at home in the band that he originally had to audition to join!   Front row fan signs showed support for new drummer Cobus Porgieter whilst Nick Tsang seemed to be having quite a good time as their new guitarist.

And what of the band’s performance?  I rather like the Newmarket Nights format – an evening of racing and then just one band – no warm up act, the headliners have to hit the stage running.  And they did.  Without pomp or ceremony, they just got on with it – entertaining the audience.  Their wireless instruments gave them the freedom on stage to run, jump, twirl and swagger.   That requires a special talent – to do all of that and play well, which they did.

When Charlie asked the audience to hold up their phones with the torches switched on, everyone complied and from our viewpoint behind the band we were treated to the most amazing spectacle as the July Course glittered as if a thousand fireflies had come out to play.

Of all of their numbers, the one that got the biggest reaction I feel was the one introduced simply with the ‘words’ dat ta da dah… and we were off with ‘Thunderbirds’ complete with puppet dancing in the audience!

This year’s line up at Newmarket has not disappointed to date, nor do I expect it will.   But just to be sure GrapevineLIVE are planning to be there to make sure!

Next up at Newmarket:

Fri 29 July Tears for Fearstickets

Fri 5 August Mark Ronsontickets

Fri 12 August Jess Glynne – SOLD OUT

Sat 27 August Little Mix – SOLD OUT


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