Ipswich Regent

7th June 2017

Our good friend at BBC Radio Suffolk, Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster tweeted out before this show at Ipswich Regent last night: “This lady can belt out a song!”  And you know, he was not wrong.  Anastacia finally made it to Ipswich and has discovered that we have a waterfront and boats – if anyone reading this has a small boat moored down there, I think I know someone who might enjoy a little trip!

This was Anastacia’s Ultimate Collection Tour – featuring all of her hits and fan favourites – no wonder the audience were enraptured from the start.

But quite apart from the singing – Anastacia puts on a show.  For the first time in a long time at a concert, I actually heard the names of her individual band members as she introduced them one by one.  (normally the names get swallowed up in solo performances and applause)   She is a feisty lady and although she plays the Diva, underneath she has her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Her walk through the auditorium, albeit accompanied by two security guards, was no stunt but a very genuine gesture to get close to her fans who have been so supportive of her through the good times and the bad.

Just before she went back up on stage she stopped to hug Susan who was in a wheelchair in the front row.  Susan rose to return the hug “Oh my God I’ve healed her, I’m just like Jesus!” she said.  There was nothing sacrilegious in the remark, it was just plain funny – because that is the sort of entertainer she is.

Opening for Anastacia was Chloe Reynolds whom I interviewed recently.  It was my first time to see her play live.  This is a confident and talented young woman who was not daunted by being alone on the stage with her keyboard.  Her album Broken Beautiful is well worth a listen – especially that title track.

On a more sombre note, this was my first big gig since the terrible events in Manchester.  I shouldn’t have been but I was surprised to be faced with bag searches and wand scanning as we entered the foyer.  I saw no one object, the staff were pleasant and courteous, we were all just getting on with life.

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