Kev Walford & Kelly Pritchard: Acoustic Sessions #2

EP launches tend to be low key, personal affairs.  Typically, they attract people who already know the style of music on offer and are keen to hear new material.

On Sunday night, in the Barrack Room of The Kings Head in Woodbridge, Kevin Walford and Kelly Pritchard hosted just such an event to introduce us to their latest set of tunes. Entitled ‘Acoustic Sessions #2′ and, recorded and produced at The Recording Booth in Debenham, it was fitting that the proprietor of that august establishment, David Edward Booth, was given the opportunity to sing some of his songs by way of introduction.  Whilst David’s day job is recording and producing the music of others, he is also a talented musician and songsmith in his own right.

Before introducing  us to the new tracks, Kelly and Kev played some of their well known songs, ably assisted by Mat Bayfield of The Broadside Boys, with that man Booth hiding in the corner hitting things. (I believe the technical term is percussionist).

The new EP consists of five tracks.  Some are new compositions and some from Kevin’s ‘back catalogue’,  given a new lease of life with Kelly’s harmonies and David’s production.  The opening track ‘Shalom’ is one such song.  Written some years ago after a trip to Israel, it has a beautifully produced choral quality.  Kevin believes that this would be difficult to re-produce live but even with just two voices it sounded beautiful.

The oddly titled ‘Little Eye & Turtle Dove’ is about the pet names we give our partners and how odd they sound against the reality of everyday life.   There is a hint of country in ‘Quicksand’ or should that be G-g-good as Gone?

Another of Kevin’s oldies is ‘Hold Up’ – a sound message for us all to stop and smell the roses – for we never may pass this way again.

Songs are strange creatures, sometimes they grow on you slowly at other times you may appreciated them because of your mood.  For me, on that night, in that pub ‘Your Buddy Bill’ became an instant hit.  I had never seen Kevin play jazz guitar before and Kelly was totally at home, lost in the music.

I have no idea what obscure alignment of planets was necessary to bring Kelly and Kevin together musically, suffice to say it happened and we, we the audience, are thrilled that it did.   Their harmonies are beautiful, the songs sung from the heart and the production adds a wonderful depth – although Kevin realised at the launch that “…it’s a right bugger to re-create live!

If you have not heard this duo play live yet you should.  Acoustic Sessions #2 is a beautiful collection of songs created by people who obviously thrive in a creative, ego-free environment.  Something Suffolk seems to be nurturing amongst its many talented singer songwriters at the moment.  You can download the album from Bandcamp here – or better still, seek them out at a live gig and buy a copy from them in person.

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