A Heartfelt Mesage from Becky & John

A lot of press releases have crossed my desk recently bearing the not unexpected news of festival postponements.  At Grapevine we were just about to print our festival guide at the end of March when news began to trickle through of the first cancellations of events which would have taken place over the weekend just gone. 

On Sunday we heard the news that FolkEast, one of my personal favorites, would also been postponed until 2021.  Typically, organisers Becky & John chose to make their announcement differently – in a video message. 

Like every other festival organiser, taking the decision to postpone was not one taken lightly, but by presenting the news themselves rather than issuing an impersonal press release brought home the genuine heartache felt. 

Knowing FolkEast as I do, John’s point about not wanting people to have to queue to buy a beer two meters apart struck home.  Many a conversation I have had while buying a pint, many an old friend I’ve bumped into at the bar  – no, social distancing at FolkEast would ruin the atmosphere.  And don’t get me started on what a two-meter ceilidh would be like, although it would make a cracking name from a reel! 

No matter how much we will miss our festivals, we would miss our friends far more if they fell to this pandemic.  Until we know how to detect, monitor and cure this disease we will have to put up with these little inconveniences. 

Just in case you missed it: