What to do?

Trying to keep up with all the postponements and cancellations among our 4,000+ gig listings is proving to be quite a task, and if I am honest, a little depressing. 

It is not just that people can’t go out and enjoy themselves, but the fact that the livelihood of the actors, musicians, technicians and venue staff has virtually disappeared overnight. 

No one has a magic wand to fix this.  We are going to have to deal with it. In doing so we have come across some wonderful examples of positivity that we feel should be sung from the roof tops. 

On Sunday night The Froize had to cancel their regular monthly folk night because the performers needed to get back to Denmark before it shut (three weeks ago that sentence wouldn’t have made sense!).  Undaunted, the Froize’s sound engineer Jon Hart and his wife Lucy, streamed a forty-minute set from their living room on Facebook.  It had such a feel-good factor about it that you forgot for a short time – and that allowed you to re-charge and face life refreshed.  (Click here if you missed it!)

Also, from the folk world has come the Facebook Group: Folk Corona – Fundraising Auction.  In their own words:  It’s going to be a tough few months for musicians, agents, promoters, festivals, venues, sound technicians etc etc. Each week we will have items offered by artists and people can bid on the item and all funds go to the act concerned.  Our picks of the auctions have to be Ciaran Algar’s offer to write and illustrate a personalised storybook – despite claiming no artistic ability!  Or there is an apocalypse hamper box from Siobhan Wilson (chosen for the title alone). 

Many people are choosing not to get ticket refunds which is such a kind way of helping venues pay their staff who in turn can pay the artists. 

And therein lies the key – kindness.   That is going to be what gets us through this mess. 

Tell us your good news stories.  Tell us what cheered you up today. Tell us and we’ll do what we can to share the good news. 

Musicians and artists in our region (Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk) have you got a merch page?  We are working on a regional directory of artists to help you guys sell your stuff – it may not recover lost income but it might ease the pain, send me the details and I’ll make it happen.  PAGE NOW LIVE!

Most of the larger venues have put out press statements about what is happening, more are coming in as I type this, but if Grapevine can help spread the word about YOUR venue let us know and we will share on our website and social platforms. 

You can contact me by email tony@grapevinelive.co.uk or via Facebook, click here