Virtually a Festival!

Our good friends Becky & John Marshall-Potter held out as long as they could before announcing the inevitable, that FolkEast 2020 could not take place this year.

It their video announcement it was clear that this was a difficult decision for both. The annual gathering of the clans in the village of Eastfolk has long been a significant part of the festival calendar in the East of England and beyond.

It was a double edged sword when we heard about what the intrepid duo were planning to keep us entertained over what would have been the FolkEast weekend. “Virtually FolkEast – not quite but nearly” sold out in the blink of an eye.

Even Becky & John, no strangers to making amazing things happen, were taken aback by the phenomenal response to their live concert at a secret location in Suffolk.

Virtually FolkEast is their very own online offering that will be coming to a screen near you on Saturday 22nd August, an afternoon and early evening concert that will take place , in front of a small, live audience, streamed direct to you.

There will be contributions online and on the website from from the Soapbox Stage, Broad Roots, Sanctuary Space, Dance tent and Art Arcade as well as a few bits in between.

East Suffolk Council have granted FolkEast a licence to go ahead with not only one but two live concerts over the FolkEast weekend. This means that they will be running an identical concert on Sunday 23rd August (without the live streaming) so that they can bring live music to more people.

Artists performing include: The Young’uns, Sam Kelly, Katherine Priddy, John Spires, The Hut People, Honey & The Bear, Toby Shaer, Evan Carson and (what FolkEast event would be completet without it?) the Gardeners Cornered potting postbag edition …

If you have been lucky enough to get tickets we hope you have a wonderful experience. We have already heard rumours amongst those without tickets of a series of FolkEast Fringe events poping up at bar-b-q’s across the plains of Eastfolk… or at least where there is a spare TV and an internet connection.