The Silburys | Live at Springfest 2019

No strangers to us here at Grapevine, The Silburys have morphed from a duo into a quartet. Founding members David Stainer and Scott Dolling have been joined by Diz Deacon and Martin Linford.

The addition of a rhythm section gives a much rockier feel to their brand of folk. The cover of Jethro Tull’s ‘Living in the Past’ is an excelent rendition of one of my favourites – wonder if they could be persuaded to do a cover of ‘Locomotive Breath’?

The album, recorded live at St Peter’s in Ipswich last year, at Springfest, presents an excellent cross section of what the band has done in the past and where their new four piece is heading.

The sound is particularly impressive in that it has been recorded straight from the sound desk with no post production add-ons.

Update: The album includes the track ‘Dunwich Bells’ for which the band have now produced an excellent video – click here

Where to buy it:

You can purchase a copy of ‘Live at Springfest 2019’ direct from The Silbury’s website – just click the button.