Red Rose Chain

Private Lives

Written in four days, Noel Coward’s farce Private Lives is a theatre classic.  It is regularly revived on Broadway, while film versions and radio plays abound.  No pressure then on Joanna Carrick and Red Rose Chain’s production! The plot is simple. A divorced couple are on their respective new honeymoons with their new partners.  It …

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Put Out The Lights

Religion has been used throughout the centuries to gain power, claim land, control countries and a host more besides.  At its heart lies individual belief.  Joanna Carrick has chosen to focus her play on the individual beliefs of Alice Driver of Grundisburgh who was burned at the stake in the market square outside Ipswich Town …

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Treasure Island

Joanna Carrick’s adaptation of Treasure Island at The Avenue Theatre, Ipswich has an interesting opening – the house lights going up rather than down.  To explain further would spoil the introduction, should you be planning to head for this Red Rose Chain Production. This show is an alternative to traditional panto, recognising that not everyone …

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