Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys

Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge

I first encountered Bristol based Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys at a Folk at the Froize night in Chilliesford some years ago.  I have followed their progress since but hadn’t seen them play for a while, then a lucky accident occurred.

Last week I was working at Storey’s Field Centre, a new venue in Cambridge, only to discover that Sam & the boys were playing there on the day after I was due to finish.  It really wasn’t a difficult decision to extend my stay a little longer.

This was day two of their Winter tour and being December, all of the songs had a Christmas theme… or so Mr Kelly tried to have us believe.  In reality the themes were normal folk fare: suicide, murder, unrequited love and a sea shanty that isn’t in fact a sea shanty.

Indeed the lyrics of The Golden Vanity were given a slightly modern twist with the addition of Mr Algar’s comment about the promise that the captain never meant to keep – folk music never strays far from politics, nor should it.

I am happy to say that the band’s music is maturing quite nicely.  The Boys are far from lost, they are musically tight, relaxed on stage, each an expert with their chosen instrument. A perfect musical example of the whole being far better than the mere sum of the parts.

Honey & The Bear

Supporting Sam & the Boys were my friends Jon & Lucy, also known as Honey & The Bear.  They played a selection of tracks from their debut album “Made in the Aker” which, as it happens, features many of the Lost Boys on various tracks along the way.  I never tire of hearing their songs of Suffolk and it was interesting to hear them play out of county, as it were.

These two groups were made to tour together, there is a synergy between them that results in a perfect show from beginning to end.

But what of this new venue? Storey’s Field Centre is a new purpose built community performance space at the heart of Eddington, a brand new area of Cambridge.  The single story building is a beautiful performance space, almost cathedral like with its high ceiling. It is well equipped for sound and light with welcoming, helpful staff.  It is certainly well worth a visit – park at Madingly Road park & ride and walk over.