Modern Folk in a Classical Setting

Snape Maltings played host to The Young’Uns last night.  In the beautiful surroundings of The Britten Studio the Teeside Trio seemed genuinely surprised that the 300 seat auditorium was full.  And why should it not be?  After all, these guys are the reigning BBC2 Folk Band of the Year.  Who knows, with the 2016 Awards taking place tonight, they could win again.

I first heard The Young’Uns on the Broad Roots stage at FolkEast some years ago.  I walked in just as David Eagle started singing their ‘English Defence League’ song: “A Lovely Cup of Tea”.  That was it, I was there for the whole set and wanting more.

Last night we were introduced to numerous new songs but they also kept the faithful happy with their “hits” such as “Jimmy Go Down to your Uncles” and “Between the Wars”.  Quite apart from their dam fine voices, these three lads from ‘up north’ are creating today’s traditional songs.

Some years ago I bemoaned the fact that nobody was writing the protest songs of today, the songs that the likes of Dylan and Seger were writing back in the sixties.  The songs that reflected the time we are living in.  I can stop moaning now.   The 9634 Amsterdam to Paris train and the incident on 21 August 2015 nor the bravery of Stone, Sadler and Skarlatos will not be forgotten thanks to The Young’Uns.

To them the stories behind the songs are as important as the songs themselves, and indeed sometimes the stories are longer than the songs.

We are lucky here in Eastfolk to have The Young’Uns as patrons of FolkEast – if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, why not?  Click here!

Before The Young’Uns took to the stage we were entertained by Irish Mythen.  This diminutive singer songwriter, now resident in Canada, openly came out to the audience.  Yes, if we couldn’t tell by her appearance and demeanour she is of course, Irish!  Stir-crazy after 12 days on tour with messers Eagle, Cooney and Hughes she entertained us with that powerful voice and songs about Jesus and Tullamore Blues – check her out here: