Honey & The Bear | Made in The Aker

I need to explain ‘Aker’, its an old East Anglian word meaning ‘turbulent current’, now we both know!

John & Lucy’s sound has developed and strengthened in parallel with their personal relationship – they got married last year. They are both firmly rooted in the region in which they live and take an undisguised delight writing about odd, interesting or very personal history.

‘ TinTin’ – about the man who invented the hovercraft, ‘Margaret Catchpole’ – the English adventuress who escaped from Ipswich Gaol, ‘Springtime Girl’ – about Lucy’s grandad who planted his wife’s name in daffodils in the garden.

The album is wonderfully produced and features Sam Kelly and many of the Lost Boys at various places along the journey. A possible BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winner in the making?