Glemham Hall Joins a Global Movement #LighItInRed

Best know to music fans around the country as the home of FolkEast, tonight the Glemham Estate in Suffolk lights up their fabulous Elizabethan country house in red to join a worldwide movement highlighting the state of venues and the freelancers who work them.

This popular wedding and events venue has seen an almost 70% drop in revenue this year from the postponement of events.

What you see in our main picture is the façade of the building painted in red light.  What you don’t see are the fifteen people or so it took to make it happen – the venue’s event manager, the crew who set the cables, lights and generators, the drone operators, the photographers and reporters, not to mention the people who went and got lunch in.

The team behind the lighting started at 9am, loading two van loads of equipment full of flight cases, cables, gazaboes, light fittings and walkie talkies before making their way to Glemham.  Each window of the three-story building had a light placed in it which meant running a physical cable from the generator at the back of the building through to each room.  In this old rambling building, that in itself was a challenge.  And when the lights go out, all those pieces of equipment must be retrieved, packed and brought back to the warehouse.  Getting home before midnight would be a bonus, but that seldom happens.

And it was not the house alone that was bathed in red.  Another team of techies were placing lights around a dead oak tree in the grounds of the estate.  Not just any old oak tree mind you. But the tree made famous by FolkEast every July when they dress it in hundreds of yards of colourful fabric to advertise their forthcoming festival of folk music to passersby on the nearby A12. (Click here to read our interview with FolkEast’s John Marshal-Potter)

It may seem strange to the general public to place a country estate in the same category as a theatre or an arts centre but to those of us who work them as freelancers, whatever our technical or creative discipline, they are all places that put on a show.  Without a sound engineer, a rigger, a lighting technician, a stage manager these shows would fall flat.

Working in partnership with Glemham Hall to #LightItInRed were:

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