Fred’s House | Walls & Ceilings

The only complaint I can level at this release is that it is only four songs long.  Oh but they are four beautiful songs!

The EP opens with Lachlan’s restrained guitar straining at the leash as it introduces Vikki’s vocals – something very Fleetwood Mac-esque that I can’t put my finger on… yet.  You can feel he wants to let rip but now is not the time.  Second later we are calmed by the rhythm section, there is a tension – like a landslide ready to fall.  Halfway in and the ladies are in complete control vocally before the whole band let rip while Lachlan plays one of those riffs that will become an air guitar moment for all the blokes, and possibly the ladies too, at their gigs.

Worlds Apart‘ slows the pace down with Prue’s violin the perfect accompaniment to Vikki’s sultry vocals.  And you gotta love those ‘oooh aaah’ moments!  Then it goes all bluesy with Lachlan having even more fun on guitar.

An orchestral pluck brings in ‘Steal the Night‘ with its pop riffs and yet more of those powerful lyrics, perfectly delivered.

‘Only the Sun’ is a heartfelt piece written about former frontman Griff leaving the band and moving on.   It is quite possibly the best breakup song ever.  If you are going to write a breakup song don’t fill it with angst and anger, make it beautiful and kind – like this one.

Doubtless there was angst at the breakup but what has emerged is a stronger, different sounding band who have what it takes to have a stadium crowd dancing in the palm of their hands with this beautiful new sound that is not a radical change but a subtle shift that their fans will doubtlessly love.

Where to Buy It:

“Walls and Celings” is available to pre-order from Fred’s House website, just click the button below