Fleas Win BurySOUND Heat 4

Fleas become the fourth band to make it through to the final of BurySOUND this year.  In what seasoned BurySOUND judges were describing as one of the best ever heats of this competition, Fleas beat off competition from Loome, Red Glass, Flux and Josie in yet another eclectic mix of styles and performances at The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds. 

Fleas‘ energetic punk set involved everyone at the Hunter Club as the band played the room like marionettes – sit and they sat, go mental and they went for it.  I think that the only band member not to make it onto the floor with the crowd was the drummer – and that was only because of the logistics involved.  In a room already tingling after the first three acts Fleas simply plugged in and raised the energy levels up to eleven and beyond. 

The job of opening the evening’s entertainment fell to Loome who have a thing about the space where, it is said, their sounds emanate from!  Well that explains the illuminated orb being passed from hand to hand in the audience.  Very well-presented music which doesn’t sit easily in a defined genre which is why they made one up for it: Ambient-Lux! 

Fuze are a young and talented band who are going to go far.  Self-confessed Green Day fans, they got the crowd going with excellent guitar work and a sound which many of us had difficulty placing… personally I have in mind a young Flogging Molly fronted by Elvis Costello! 

Red Glass from Eye were tight and confident – their lead singer would have gained bonus points for playing to my camera, if bonus points were on offer!  But this competition is all about music and this performance by Red Glass was top class. 

In complete contrast to the head banging chaos of enjoyment that had gone before, the final act of the night was Josie.  Encouraged by family and friends chanting “Joe-see, Joe-see, Joe-see” after each number this petit young woman entertained us with her soulful songs that obviously came straight from the heart. Interestingly, the same crowd that had been mental in the mosh during the previous set were still there, this time waving the torches on their phones to the soft sounds of love songs. 

We have now seen nineteen of the twenty-four acts that made it through out of the seventy-four who applied.  On Friday 6th March at The Hunter Club we will see the last five at the end of which the lineup for the final at The Apex on March 20th will be set. You can get tickets for the final here:   https://www.theapex.co.uk/whats-on/details.cfm?id=541148&ins=721790