Cambridge Rock Festival 2021 – Have You Checked Out the Line-Up?

Amid all the doom and gloom about not having any festivals to go to in 2020 it is great to see how many artists are being accommodating and simply saying yes to the same festivals at the same time in 2021. I do not for one moment underestimate the amount of admin involved on behalf of festival organisers, nor indeed on behalf of the bands who have travel and accommodation to consider. 

One of the positives to come out of all this chaos for me is that I now have time to look more deeply at the lineups for 2021 without the 2020 festival guide compilation taking over my waking hours. 

One in particular struck me – Cambridge Rock Festival.  Dave Roberts and his team of volunteers put a shed load of effort into this event every year.  2020 was to have seen the festival move to a new venue – The East of England Showground in Peterborough. 

That debut will now have to wait until June 2021. There are three stages at CRF and I always find myself torn between at least two stages on any given day but 2021 just might be a little gem for me. 

Kicking off on Thursday night The Pure Floyd Show, a band I have yet to see but have heard amazing things about, from people you wouldn’t instantly think of as Pink Floyd fans.  Also, on Thursday you have The Mentulls – a band I saw last year at the John Peel Centre who left me with a gob well and truly smacked. 

On Friday, 4th Labyrinth & Split Whiskers will see me zooming between the Ruby & Emerald stages whilst over on the Sapphire stage you have Hazel O’Connor and Light Skies Darken – not at the same time I hasten to add! 

The only real clash for me comes on Saturday when my inner teenager has to decide between Dutch band Focus and new kids on the block Hollowstar – compared to Focus, Hollowstar are new kids! 

With Electric Strawbs, Buster James and Bad Touch vying for my attention on Sunday it is fair to say that Cambridge Rock Festival 2021 is a not to be missed affair. 

They are just my choices, doubtless you will have your favourites and doubtless I will discover others along the way. 

Flashback to CRF 2019