Bad Touch | Kiss The Sky

If, like me you have a lot of experience of life, you may well remember that when new fangled stereo sound-producing devices became readily available there was something quite special about discovering a band who produced sounds which alternated from left speaker to right.

Come A Little Closer’ is the opening track of ‘Kiss The Sky’ from Norfolk rockers Bad Touch and it starts off with a guitar in the left channel only – ah the nostalgia that evoked!  In fact, most of the tracks start life on one side or the other but if you have only ever known sound it stereo this subtlety may pass you by.

Those technicalities aside, what follows are thirteen classic rock and roll tracks led by the unmistakeable vocal talent of Stevie Westwood whom I had the pleasure of talking to before anyone knew the name of the album – or at least before anyone was prepared to tell the press in case anyone changed their minds!

You have to wait until track seven before the anthemic title track bursts out with its rhythmic and raucous guitar bursts – I can see the fans now headbanging along to lyrics like ‘You Want It, You Got It, Lets Get This Thing Started’ in a packed auditorium one day – hopefully soon.

All but one of the songs are original Bad Touch compositions with the exception of the 1974 classic penned by Bias Boshell and made famous by Kiki Dee – ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ gets a Norfolk makeover with a beautiful finish!  If you play this on Radio – do not fade out.  Revisiting the lyrics of this classic made me think, maybe we should make this our summer 2020 lockdown anthem…”…when something gets in my way I go round it. Don’t let life get me down…”

Not all the tracks are headbanging rock, the boys can be soft and gentle – I give you the strings and harmonies on “See You Again” building up a beautiful backing to Mr Glendinning’s guitar work.

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain came to mind when listening to the final track – you know the way they  start off slow and gradually built the tempo?  ‘Something About Your Kiss’ does this too, then almost three minutes in it explodes with Rob’s loud electric guitar leading us on a journey to a fading acoustic piece.  Don’t ‘Mac have a singer called Stevie too?

And whilst in compare and contrast mode, I was struck by the similarities between Bad Touch and 90s American rock blues band Blues Traveller – Stevie just needs a harmonica!   But maybe that’s just me and my fondness for ‘Live at Lollapalooza’

I’ve mentioned similarities and likenesses, don’t get me wrong.  This album is one hundred percent Bad Touch.  A band of men who love music, love touring, love playing live – but like so many still need day jobs.  Hopefully, those jobs still exist, I don’t know, but one way we can support our musicians in these trying times is by buying their music.  This is an excellent album which every rock fan should have in their collection.

The album is produced by Nick Brine and was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Where to buy it:

Bad Touch’s new album “Kiss The Sky” is released by Marshall Records, today, June 19th. You can order the album from the band’s website – just click the button.