Adapting What We Do

It’s May 2020 and for the first time since we started back in 1991 we are not producing Grapevine Magazine.  For our small team, mostly working from home, it is a strange feeling – not having any live music or theatre to enjoy, review or talk about. 

But despite there not being any live entertainment happening, the people who make it happen are still with us, many are performing virtual gigs online which in itself resulted in Grapevine’s Virtual Gig Guide – a real guide, just the gigs are virtual. 

And just like the performers, the Grapevine has not disappeared.  We too are adapting to this new way of living and working.  Without the ever-ticking print deadline clock we have had time to explore other things – some may work, some may not – the only way to find out is to just do it (if you’ll excuse me borrowing Mr Branson’s book title). 

I regularly interview people for Grapevine, typically these interviews are transcribed and appear in written form either in the magazine or online.  With so many musicians adapting to performing online and seriously embracing various forms of streaming technology, online interviews seemed a fun thing to do – so we did. 

We have dusted down our much-neglected YouTube channel to bring you the ‘Online Grapevine Interview’ and first up are Honey & The Bear who have written a song about lockdown and are one of those performing weekly gigs from their living room.  After my chat we play the song in full which features artists from Bristol and Edinburgh all of whom join in without leaving home.

If you’d like to talk to Grapevine about your music – get in touch with Tony Bell: will find him.