Honey & The Bear: About Time Too

As individual musicians, I have known Lucy Sampson and Jon Hart for some years.   Each are talented songwriters and musicians in their own right, but when they began collaborating as ‘Honey & The Bear’ something very special happened.  In April of this year they released their debut EP which we all said was about time and that became the title – what else could they call their next collection of work but ‘About Time Too’?

At The Froize, on a frosty, foggy night, friends and fans gathered to hear Honey & The Bear play, not just the tracks from the new EP, but other pieces and collaborations with their musical partners in song, Kev Walford and Kelly Pritchard.

Choosing to play the five tracks from their EP in reverse order they began with ‘Wrong Side of Me’ – a soft and gentle song about change which subtly lulled us into their set.  ‘Pick It Up’ is a love song all the more beautiful sung by the lovers.  For me the surprise track is ‘Jack’, neither Jon nor Lucy are overtly political but waking up in Germany on June 24th and discussing that momentous vote with Europeans obviously affected them. ‘Ocean’ is a song they have been including in the live set for some months now and gets better with every listening.   Then came ‘William’, technically their most complex piece involving many more instruments than two performers can play, a loop pedal – oh, and lyrics about Lucy’s great grandfather.  Despite the pressure it all worked perfectly – you can see their official video of ‘William’ below.

Such is the modesty of genuinely lovely people, Jon & Lucy’s biggest fear was that nobody would turn up last night.  Yet none of us were surprised that the auditorium at The Froize was full and appreciative for two people who individually are good but together far exceed the sum of the two.

Apart from playing the tracks from their latest work they also performed with Kev Walford & Kelly Pritchard.  A select few will have seen the quartet play recently at Benhall Church, even more will have heard them perform on BBC Radio Suffolk’s drivetime.   Their experimental four part harmonies are beautiful – such that some of us are beginning to pose the question about a possible EP or album….

But for now, sit back and enjoy ‘About Time Too’ available from www.honeyandthebear.co.uk for just £6.50 or from the couple themselves at their live gigs.

Our thanks to David & Louise of The Froize for their hospitality in hosting the launch and feeding us so well, yet again.